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Playhouse on Park, CT

As Sheila, the ostensible girlfriend of Berger who attracts the attention of Claude, Tara Novie provides her character with a burgeoning feminism that allows her to be confrontational with a for the most part unaware Berger, yet be sensitive and understandable to the draft-eligible Claude, whose induction is just days away.  Her voice is steady, strong and most welcome on such songs as “Easy to be Hard,” and “Good Morning Starshine.”

Andrew Beck

Hartford Arts Examiner

Tara Novie plays Sheila, the tough protest leader (the Tribe calls her “Joan of Arc”) with a vulnerable heart, and she hits every note of this complex character.

Brooks Appelbaum

Connecticut Critics Circle

Two popular songs in the show—"Easy to Be Hard" and "Frank Mills"—are splendidly performed by, respectively, the excellent Tara Novie as Sheila and the adorable Lauren Monteleone as Crissy.

Zander Opper

Talkin' Broadway

By and large, the women in the cast are the superior singers and performers, particularly Kristen Jeter's Dionne (who opens the show with a glorious "Aquarius"), Tara Novie's Sheila (who brings down the house with a powerful "Easy to Be Hard"), and Lauren Monteleone's Crissy (charmingly performing "Frank Mills").

Jacques Lamarre


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Tara Novie as Mimi settled in nicely to the more dramatic material in Act Two and delivered a fantastic "Without You."

Greg Solomon

Theatre Is Easy -

Tara Novie was great as Mimi hitting all the right notes between the rocking “Out Tonight” and the more subtle “Goodbye Love.”

Jeff Adams

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The Gallery Players, NYC 

tick, tick...BOOM! 

The Eagle Theatre, NJ

Tara Novie and Tim Rinehart played not only primary characters, but a slew of secondary characters each more bizarre and perfectly crafted than the one before it. 

Chris Balbi

Tara Novie and Tim Rinehart played girlfriend and best buddy, as well as an impressive variety of other characters needed to sketch out the panorama of New York City. 

David Patrick Stearns

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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The Eagle Theatre, NJ

Beehive: The 60's Musical

Stand out solos are offered by Maggie Griffin-Smith “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” and Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” sung beautifully by Tara Novie. 

Pati Buehler

PB Entertainment

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